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SEO Firms Can’t Promise Guaranteed Results

Reputable SEO Firms Can’t Promise Guaranteed Results
Once again a client of mine has been approached by a so called ethical and reputable SEO company who are promising guaranteed first place rankings in Google.

Let me be clear, no SEO company (or other IT company) can guarantee any specific rankings for specific phrases. There is no way to guarantee a particular placement within the organic search results of any search engine – including Google, Bing or Yahoo...

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.
This line is explicitly stated in a published article by Google, talking about the need for SEO. No matter how your SEO consultant convinces you that their strategies guarantee high search ranking, Google itself has said that there are no guarantees.

No SEO company can claim that they have a connection with popular search engines and have direct control over the processes happening in search indexing. Details about the algorithms and processes in search engines are kept under wraps by the search companies alone. In other words, any company who say that they can guarantee your site’s search ranking is not telling the truth. Would you trust someone like that?

Let me emphasise this: A guarantee is possible if there is absolute control over what’s happening in a particular situation. In the case of SEO, no company can claim control or influence of search engines. Because of this absence of control over how search engines scan and rank websites, it’s virtually impossible to make guarantees that a website will stand on top of the rankings.

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