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Google's Top 3 SEO Factors

Google’s Top 3 SEO Factors

Google Shares Top 3 SEO Factors Google’s SEO Myth Busters episode #1 recently debuted. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt, […]

Elements of On-Site SEO

Elements of On-Site SEO

Elements of On-Site SEO On-site SEO refers to optimising the website from within, using the aforementioned components as well as […]

Indexing and Site Maps

Indexing and Site Maps Google is the largest system of indexed content ever developed. To be included in the index, […]

Keywords and Competitor Analysis

Keywords and Competitor Analysis

Keywords and Competitor Analysis What phrases and keywords are competitors ranking for? How high are they ranking? Choosing the right […]

Google Discusses Links Building

Google Discusses Links Building

Google Discusses Links Building Google’s John Mueller Discusses Changing Role of Links in Ranking. He took part in a Webmaster […]

Google De-Indexing Issue This Week

Google’s De-indexing Issue

Over the past week, Google began to delist many URLs from its search index. Google were notified of the issue […]

John Mueller explains how internal linking helps pages rank

Internal Linking Helps Pages Rank

Googles John Mueller explains best practices for internal anchor text to help web pages rank. Anchor text are the words […]

Google Algorithm Update Florida 2

Google Update Florida 2: March 2019

Google has confirmed that Google has updated its algorithm in March 2019. Google called it another broad core update and […]

Google Selected Canonical URLs

Google Selected Canonical URLs

The Google webmaster blog has recently posted a summary guide to how Google tries to determine the best URL to […]

Google Algorithm May Update

New Google Algorithm May Update Page Ranking A new research paper published by Google describes a dramatically new way to […]

Google Adds DuckDuckGo to Chrome

For the first time, DuckDuckGo is an option that users can select as their default search provider in Google Chrome. […]

SEO & your Online Business

SEO – Helping Define your Online BusinessSEO, or search engine optimisation, continues to play a bigger role in digital marketing […]

Gibberish URLs

Can we get any benefit from structuring a URL in a certain way? This article explains the importance of correcting gibberish urls.

Google Ranking Changes

Google: No Fixed Time Frame for Ranking Changes After Site ImprovementsGoogle’s John Mueller recently stated there’s no fixed time frame […]

On Page SEO Guidance

Of all the SEO improvements you can make, one of the ones you have most control over is on-page optimisation. […]

Google Search Algorithm Update

Google Search Algorithm Update For the past week or so, there has been chatter within the SEO community about Google […]

Keyword Practices You Should Avoid

Keyword Abuse There are so many ways webmasters and “marketers” continue to misunderstand keywords’ role in general SEO initiatives, and […]

Examining Links & Bad Redirects

While links are great to help drive traffic and boost your SEO ranking, they could also ruin your SEO efforts […]