Organic SEO

Google Algorithm May Update

New Google Algorithm May Update Page Ranking A new research paper published by Google describes a dramatically new way to […]

Google Adds DuckDuckGo to Chrome

For the first time, DuckDuckGo is an option that users can select as their default search provider in Google Chrome. […]

SEO & your Online Business

SEO – Helping Define your Online BusinessSEO, or search engine optimisation, continues to play a bigger role in digital marketing […]

Gibberish URLs

Can we get any benefit from structuring a URL in a certain way? This article explains the importance of correcting gibberish urls.

What to expect from SEO in 2021?

Google Ranking Changes

Google: No Fixed Time Frame for Ranking Changes After Site ImprovementsGoogle’s John Mueller recently stated there’s no fixed time frame […]

On Page SEO Guidance

Of all the SEO improvements you can make, one of the ones you have most control over is on-page optimisation. […]

Google Search Algorithm Update

Google Search Algorithm Update For the past week or so, there has been chatter within the SEO community about Google […]

Keyword Practices You Should Avoid

Keyword Abuse There are so many ways webmasters and “marketers” continue to misunderstand keywords’ role in general SEO initiatives, and […]

Examining Links & Bad Redirects

While links are great to help drive traffic and boost your SEO ranking, they could also ruin your SEO efforts […]

The State of SEO 2018

A new ‘State of SEO 2018’ report released by Zazzle Media has revealed that SEO is becoming a key area […]

Effective Page Title Optimisation

Effective Page Title Optimisation To excel at SEO & get business online, it is important to play by Google’s rules. […]

Google Algo Update Details

Google Offers More Algo Update Details Google’s John Mueller offered additional details about what could cause a site to lose […]